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NCD focuses on increasing the quality of a church rather than on numerical growth goals. This emphasis on church health has proven to be the key to ongoing growth and multiplication.


The Essensce of NCD
Natural Church Development (NCD) is all about releasing the potential that God has already implanted in our live. Based on research in more than 70,000 churches on all six continents, NCD describes universal principles that are applicable regardless of culture or spiritual style.




The center of NCD is the all by itself principle that can be observed in healthy churches around the globe. All NCD principles are answeres to the question: How can this God-given growth potential be released?




On all levels of church life, NCD encourages creativity, authenticity, and diversity. Rather than selling a specific church model, NCD helps Christians and churches to discover and develop their individuality.




NCD assists believers in rediscovering central Biblical concepts and relating them to their everyday lives. This is expressed by the Trinitarian Compass which is the heart of all NCD tools.




It works. Churches that have done three or more NCD Surveys, have increased their average growth rate by 51% between the first and the third survey.  We plant, we water. God gives the increase.


The Institute for Natural Church Development (NCD International) is an organization with the exclusive goal of initiating and supporting these processes.  For this reason, NCD International has build up a network of NCD National Partners in about 70 countries, and has developed a wide spectrum of different tools.

NCD International is directed by Christian A. Schwarz, Christoph Schalk, and Adam Johnstone.