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Interview of Michael Yeoh, C.O.P., JB


1. Michael, you have been actively doing the Natural Church Development church profile for the past 12 years since 2002. What is it that motivates you to consistently do this on an annual basis?

  • I agree with the vision of a healthy church
  • I agree with the key indicators of the profiling instrument
  • the profiling helps to objectively narrow down some of the issues we need to deal with
  • it saves time and asks questions that are relevant
  • it helps in providing guidance and understanding the grass-roots and hence, my planning for the following year


2. How has the principles of NCD help your church grow and which particular area (s) has it impacted the congregation's health so far?

I think it has helped come up with more relevant programs and help us stay focused to our church mission and objectives. One area we have improved much on is gift based ministry which is now a culture in the church.

3. What advice can you give to churches with regards to applying NCD as a tool to develop a healthy church?

I think they need to believe in the philosophy behind NCD and they need to follow up after the profiling. I would recommend the detail report because then only we can understand a little better the situation.



Interview of Mr Ee (1AOG, KL)


Who was it that introduce Natural Church Development to you?

I was introduced to NCD when I attended a NCD training in Hong Kong from 9 - 10, Dec 2010.

How long have you been applying NCD principles in 1AOG, KL?
We did our first NCD survey at the beginning of 2012. This is the beginning of the learning journey of NCD.

In what ways has it benefited your church so far?
The NCD provided a standard way of measuring the health of our church. Therefore, the survey allows us to focus on our minimum factor and make improvement in that area. The other area benefits us is the gift test. The awareness of our gifting allows us to focus where God wants us to be in our ministry. The latest communal test and NOW process helps us to stay focus on using the energies given by God in our Ministry.

How many profiles have you done so far - English, Mandarin, Cantonese (between 2012-2014)?
We have done 2 profiles for each of our 3 services ie Cantonese, English and Mandarin Services.

What is the greatest challenge that you faced as you endeavor to implement NCD in your 3 different congregations?
The greatest challenge we faced is lack of pro-activeness by leaders. In addition, the other challenge is overcome the mindset or moving leaders and members into new paradigm of thinking as they always feel that they are busy.

Interview of Rev. Lee Tak Vui, BCCM, Sabah


1. What is it that inspired you to get 10 Basel churches to do the church profile in the last 2 months of 2013?

Our congregations' leadership felt that they needed something more objective and scientific for them to assess their growth and to plan and grow healthy churches. Therefore, it was decided that NCD be adopted.

2. What has been the greatest benefits of doing the church profiles from your personal experience?
The NCD profiles are objective and they do provide results that the church leadership can get a better picture of where they are and then plan to move forward more relevantly.

3. Can you share with us your experience how NCD has benefited your own congregation in the past number of years between 2004-2005?
As most of these ten congregations have taken only one profile, it is difficult to spell out the benefits. However, it is very much dependent on the leadership as to how they want to do the necessary follow up to reap the maximum benefit.

4. What advice would you give to churches with regards to applying NCD as a tool to develop healthy churches?
My advice is that church leadership need to be aware that NCD is not a speedy therapy to fix a church. Those who prepare to use NCD for their churches need to know that NCD is not about a program but rather a process. Church leadership utilising NCD tools need to prepare to do so for 4 years with no less than taking 3 profiles and to do the necessary follow up faithfully.


Interview of Michael Yeoh, C.O.P., JB